Metabolism of the Techno-Financial Worlding

Video-Essay, 2024 

Sporae Vita

Installation, 2020 Commissioned by Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona for the exhibition Mars. The Red Mirror”

Flows of technopolitical realisation.
Portals, Venture Capitals and Economy-Fiction

Workshop, 2020
Commissioned by Hangar, Barcelona


                               Venture capital firms (VCs) are investment companies that fund start-ups with great growth potential. However, growth is always statistical calculus, a mere expectation.

Considering the future as a context of political struggle where different agendas combine to shape the world to come, VCs can be understood as the gatekeepers, engineers and guardians of a portal between two dimensions: ours, and that of the technocapitalist future.

Through financial operations, military and academic consortia and the deployment of marketing apparatuses presented as tech journalism, the conglomerate of VCs invokes entities from the other dimension to install these entities in our own. To facilitate the stabilisation of these xeno-organisms, VCs activate processes of disruption in our natural, legal, labour, cognitive and governance systems, forcing a struggle for survival.

This workshop enquires into the role of VCs as both interdimensional gatekeepers and xeno-hosts in order to understand the process of colonisation of our semiotic-material world by the virtual realm of financial and corporate speculation.